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Selective School

Grafton High School – A Selective School

Grafton High School has the distinct honour of being the only Selective High School in the Coffs Harbour/Clarence Region.


We are able to offer a limited number of places in Year 7 to students who have sat and passed the State Secondary Schools Selective Test. Entry is determined predominantly by this test, which is sat while students are in Year 6. A number of other criteria may be employed to determine entry, at the discretion of the Department of Education.

Is there a difference between selective education and other programmes?

We aim to provide a diverse and challenging curriculum to all students in all stages. As part of the Gold Classes initiative, Grafton High has an established tradition of delivering challenging programs for students seeking enrichment.

Students in the selective stream receive targeted education programs which are drawn from the principles set out in the DoE High Performing and Gifted Students Policy. These are delivered as dedicated classes within core subjects, and as extension modules within elective subjects.

While the broad parameters of curriculum established by the NESA are adhered to, these are differentiated according to best available research and practice.

Differentiation or modification of the curriculum caters to differences between gifted students and age peers. Gifted students need differentiation because they:

  • learn at faster rates
  • find, solve and act on problems more readily
  • manipulate abstract ideas and make connections to an advanced degree.


To encourage high achievement, originality, problem-solving, higher-order thinking skills and creativity, teachers will consider the individual needs of the gifted and talented students in their classes. Teachers will assess students' knowledge and skills to provide challenges and learning options appropriate for their development.

How do I apply? 


The following link will give you information about Selective Schools and how to apply: