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Why Google Chrome and Chromebooks


Google Chrome is an integral part of our BYOD program because students can access their information anywhere where there is a wireless internet connection. This means that students can access their data from Desktops in the school, Chromebooks or any device that has Google. Students can log into their Education Google Account anywhere at any time and access, share and collaborate.

If anything happens to a device, data is not lost because it is stored in the Department of Education managed GOOGLE drive. However we do recommend that an offline back up is taken on a regaular basis.

WHY Chromebooks?

Google Chrome can be accessed using a Chromebook. Chrome allows student groups and their Teachers at GHS to use Google Drive and Google Apps to share and collaborate in the teaching and creation of resources and tasks.

Students can access their Education Google drive from home and school or wherever there is a Wireless (internet) connection.

Chromebooks allow stable and instant access, longer battery life and portability.

Once it is set up to work in the school students can:

  • Participate online in classes
  • Share work
  • Collaborate with classmates and with teachers

The Chromebook will:

  • Access the Education Google Domain.
  • Have filtered WIFI student access
  • Last all day with no need to charge (Chargers are not permitted at school)