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PDHPE Year 12


Year 12 PDHPE will commence the HSC course with the ‘Sport Medicine' topic. This option is concerned with the specific issues of prevention, assessment, management of and recovery from sports injury. In this module, students examine how the extent and intensity of sports participation relates to the incidence of sports injuries. They explore the range of technical and scientific approaches for maintaining the wellbeing of athletes. Assessment will be a combination of practical and a theory

. Core 1 "Health Priorities in Australia" will commence with students examining the health status of Australians and investigates, in depth, the current health priority areas in Australia. Students identify and justify the choice of priority areas and examine the roles that health promotion and health services play in achieving better health for all Australians. Much of the Assessment Task will be required to be completed during the summer break.

Core 2 will commence towards the end of term 1. This module looks at factors that affect performance as students explore the physical and psychological bases of performance. They experience and critically analyse approaches to training and skill development and will investigate the contributions of psychology, nutrition and recovery strategies to performance.

Improving performance will be the last area studied. This will build on the knowledge and skills developed in Core 2.