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Within Grafton High School the faculties of Science, Technology and Mathematics have combined to create a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program within the school. All Year 7 have three periods a fortnight as an introduction to the STEM process of research, understanding, designing, testing, analysis and evaluation to complete a project design brief. Within this course, they are completing projects that will develop their 21st learning skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as working collaboratively and individually to solve problems. Students in Year 8 then have the opportunity to further develop these skills by choosing the Year 8 STEM elective. Within these subjects, the students undertake the following projects;

  • Robotics and Coding

  • Bridge building

  • Electric powered cars

  • Rockets

  • Sustainable electricity production

  • Electric flying cars

  • Creating virtual reality experiences


Grafton High School also has Coding Club a STEM initiative where the students of all year groups can participate. This year the Coding Club is currently undertaking the Cuberider project, where they are coding an experiment to be conducted in space on board the international space station.