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PDHPE Year 8

The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education course consists of 50% theory and 50% practical. We cover topics that are of special importance for student's present and future health. No lesson is more important. Most work is completed in booklets  that can be taken home at the end of a unit for parental viewing. Parents can contact the Head Teacher on any aspect of the course.

PDHPE theory classes in Year 8 concentrate on the problems faced by young teenagers. The units of work include:

Cats in the Cradle-deals with relationships and communication between individuals and groups.

Let it Be-deals with the real problem of mental health and how to develop resilience.

I Want to Hold Your Hand-addresses the issues of sexual health, contraception and child birth. The unit also develops assertiveness skills.

On the Road Again-develops decision making skills and applies these skills to risk taking and road use.

The practical units attempt to develop skills in a a wide range of activities. The aim is to encourage life long physical activity. The units of work include:






Racquet sports-Tennis


The school sport uniform is to be worn on the days when students have sport or PE. This uniform consists of:

Girls –  School Sport Top with Blue shorts/skirt.

Boys –  School Sport Top with Black shorts

The correct uniform items are available at the canteen.

Areas of special concern.

Appropriate sport type footwear with laces tied correctly (to provides support) MUST be worn at all times.

For safety reasons MP3 players, i Pods and mobile phones must not be brought to practical lessons at any time.

Drink bottles should be used for PE lessons.

Due to various reasons, parents may not be able to provide the correct uniform. A note to the teacher is required. Please note that correct uniform is necessary if students are attending a venue outside the school.


A note or medical certificate is required if a student is to be excused from participation in PDHPE activities.

Student Behaviour

Normal school rules apply:

Special conditions apply for PDHPE lessons at outside venues. If a student displays unacceptable behaviour at a venue outside the school, the student will be excluded from any further participation at that venue (this may impact on their Assessment for PE)

Assessment for PDHPE

Students will be assessed in every lesson. Students will be required to meet a set of performance outcomes during their practical sessions. As students demonstrate mastery of an outcome it is recorded on their Outcome Map. Individual assessment rank is determined by the number and level of achievement of individual outcomes. A non attempt, will indicate a failure to meet course outcomes and  may result in an N Award determination.

Theory classes will have specific assessment tasks that must be completed.