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Getting Started

GHS BYOD Program - Getting Started

At GHS we work in the Education Google Domain which is managed by the Department of Education. Google for Education is an integral part of our BYOD program because students can access their school work from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Chromebooks allow students and teachers at GHS to collaborate and share work and data. This is why GHS is a Chromebook school.

All brands of Chromebooks work on our WiFi system. Chrome licenses and software are free for students.

You can choose to buy a Chromebook from anywhere. You do not have to buy an expensive model as all chromebooks are for is to access the Education Google Software suite.

Once you have purchased your device when students start school they can bring it into the school and we will connect it to our WiFi system.

NB:  Although at the moment the current standard is 4GB RAM, this may change with future Chrome software releases.

Before you Log in to a new Chromebook, please read our instructions on how to set up a Chromebook for student use.

Students can access Google via a Chromebook or a Chrome browser on a laptop. 

Laptops can be connected to our system, make sure that the following specifications below match the laptop that you are buying so it will work on our WiFi (Internet) System.

Minimum Specifications for GHS BYOD Devices

Here are the minimum specifications that we require for devices to work on our system:

  • 11 Inch screen minimum
  • 5GHz Wireless AC or ABGN. (802.11 wireless ABGN will work in both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz.)

NB: Wireless ABGN must contain the letter “A” for this device to work on our system. BGN on it's own will not work in the school.

  • 6-8 Hour Battery Life
  • 4 GB RAM (or better) for Chromebooks or 8GB RAM for Laptops
  • It is strongly recommended that all students have some form of protective case or cover for their laptop or Chromebook.
  • Insurance and Warranty should also be a consideration when purchasing a device

If you need advice, please do not hesitate to contact our IT Support at Grafton High School. They will let you know if the device you are considering will work on our system.

Contact Grafton HS PH; (02) 6642 33 55.