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Frequently Asked Questions

Bring Your Own Device Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty - Something has gone wrong, what should I do?
If there is anything physically wrong with the device, i.e keys missing, the manufacturer will not honor the warranty unless you have accidental damage cover.

If your issue is warranty, you will need to contact either the place where you pruchased the device or the Manufacturer (HP, LENOVO, ACER, ASUS Etc).

Things that are covered under warranty:

  • Battery not charging
  • Screen is black (and not broken)
  • Not powering on
  • Fan error (laptops)
  • Some keys not working/track pad (mouse) not working
    (combination of keys not working e.g. T, R, S, Z)
NB: Breakages and warranties are strictly between the purchaser and the Vendor and not the responsibility of the school.

Buying a Chromebook - Where can I buy them?

You can choose to buy a device from any retailer and you can bring it into the school and we will connect it to our system.

For more information regarding buying a Chromebook, click here.

Chromebooks - I don't have one, what can I do?

The school have Chrome carts that each faculty can book when students are using Chromebooks in class.

In our computer rooms, students can log into Chrome on the Google Browser and access the Education Google workspace.

We also have Desktop devices in the library that students can access Google and sign into Chrome to access the Education workspace.

I have brought a chromebook, what do I do?

Once you have purchased a Chromebook you will need to setup the device at home. Please read and follow the instructions on how to set up a Chromebook for students.

After the device has been setup at home and have your home and education accounts on your device, you will need to bring it into our Grafton High School IT Support Team to get your device connected to our WiFi Internet network.

For help settig up your Chromebook for the first time, Setting up a Chromebook (PDF 1.11MB)

I am an end of year 12 or leaver, how do I disconnect my device?

All students have to bring their Chromebook to our IT Support Team and we will disconnect the device for you. Alternatively, parents/carers can contact the IT Support Team and we will advise about disconnecting the device.

If you need advice, please do not hesitate to contact our IT Support Team at Grafton High School.
Contact Grafton HS PH; (02) 6642 3355.

Student has a LAPTOP, what can I do?

Students will need to have the Google Chrome browser installed on their device. It is up to the student to install chrome on the device.

We do not offer any further technical support for non-chromebooks.

NB:  Devices with Win 11 S cannot install Chrome. Please see below for more information.

Does the Department provide free software for Windows or Mac Laptops?

The Department of Education (DoE) provides some free software to students which can found at this link, OnTheHub.

To get access to the free software the student must register for an account using their student DET email account.

NB: Make sure that you only purchase for FREE the software you intend to use in 30 days, otherwise the KEY will expire.

Phones and Tablets?

We do not allow phones and tablets for use by students and they will not be connected to our internet.

I purchased a device in Windows 11 S Mode, what can I do? 

Microsoft Windows now comes in Windows 11 and Windows S mode. This Operating System will not allow purchases from anything other than the Microsoft APP Store. A device running Windows 11 S or in S mode, can not download Chrome from the Google Web store because it is not Microsoft.

If you want to download and run different APPs you can leave S mode or opt out of S mode. However, it is important to note that according to Microsoft, you can not change the device back to S mode. Should the device need to have Windows reinstalled, owners of devices will need to make sure that they can put an image (Operating System) back on the device.

WARNING: At Grafton High School we encourage anyone who has purchased a Windows device to be aware of the limitations of 1 1 and S mode with regard to Chrome. We encourage Parents, Carers and students to research what it means to leave Windows 11 S prior to leaving S Mode.

To switch out of S mode follow this document.